About Us

Golden Goose Energy Brokers or facilitator in a deregulated energy market acts as an intermediary between the Retail Energy Providers and the Energy Consumers. Our role and scope of responsibilities in energy sales are assisting with transactions and negotiations, similar to a real estate agent's role in home/commercial sales. We never actually own the commodity traded between the parties, or the means of producing or consuming that commodity. Instead, we focus exclusively on the quality of information, price discovery, and trading liquidity we bring to each client.

Golden Goose has saved clients anywhere from 20 - 60% off their energy charge. There are several factors that go into determining daily energy rates such as: seasonal weather, energy production, energy storage (withdrawal and insertion). Our team is constantly monitoring the market to make sure we are maximizing results for our clients. Daily energy rates trend lower during the spring and fall months due to less consumer consumption/ demand. Most climates are stabilized enough so heating/cooling are minimal. One of our many strategies is to begin your fixed rate contract during this time, as well as position for a contact expiration during these times, ultimately resulting in the most beneficial rates.